Thursday, March 1, 2012

How Yoga can Teach us to Enjoy that in between Space

In yoga…transitioning from one posture to another, slowly and mindfully, can teach us to appreciate life’s journey rather than the destination.
Have you ever found yourself rushing through the day from place to place, task to task, thought to thought?  As we get caught up in life and our responsibilities it rarely occurs to us, until we experience health problems, loss, or the consequences of stress, that we are not experiencing the present moment, the space between our busyness. It’s like planting seeds and totally missing the beauty of the seedlings sprouting while rushing to water them between other tasks. We get caught up in the end result, the fruits of our labor, rather than the unfolding.
We can do the same thing in yoga. We are so anxious to get to the fullness of the posture, either to move on to the next one or to flex the ego mastering difficult postures. The sweet spot is in the middle. If we move mindfully into the posture taking our time and enjoying the breath and conscious movement, we can translate that into our daily life to slow down and enjoy the places between effort and result.

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